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so it's been a little over a month since I've joined newgrounds. I just wanted to share my thoughts about it, since I've gotten a decent(?) amount of experience using it now. Although I primarily use it for art, I honestly really like it. When I was younger, I heard about it every now and then due to content getting popular on here but didn't bother checking it out at the time. Better late than never I guess. I just find it cool that there's a website dedicated to creative people or people who just like to create things. I love watching everyone's movies they create and I've discovered so many cool artists through here. I also love the fact that you can play games, and it gives a chance for game devs to be discovered and people can enjoy their hard work. I have yet to really check out the audio section of newgrounds but again, the fact that you can just find voice actors or musicians on here is really cool. It's so different from other social media platforms, and I'm glad I finally decided to just join. Especially since I got a lot more into art lately, and other social media I use to post art are changing. It's just nice to have something strictly for creative things.

Anyways, sorry that was kinda long lmao. I don't use the news feature a whole lot so I was thinking I'd do a little check in every once in awhile. If you see this and wanna talk about your life or anything in the comments you can as well :).

Anyways: I might not be posting as much because college is starting back up for me again pretty soon. I hope it goes well this year. My first year of college wasn't too bad, I just didn't like the major I chose. I chose another major/ degree path to go on now after a lot of deliberation. Im sure a lot of people in college feel like this, but does anyone else constantly doubt their choice? This is the thing that will lead to future jobs, and Im honestly always nervous I made a mistake or won't get a job related to the degree I spent money and time on. That thought always lingers in the back of my mind. I'm trying my best to not go into debt for college, so I'm doing a path my school offers that let's me take all my general classes at a community college and then transfer to a university. I'm really glad that's an option, it should be talked about more because a lot of students apply and get accepted into universities but don't realize the first two years or so are general classes. Sometimes, even the professors at the university will teach at the community college as well lol. I understand wanting to live in the dorms and just experience a university campus in general though. I'm personally trying my best to not go into debt. I have the privilege of having really good parents that will let me stay home during college. I'm super grateful for that, because that saves so much money. On another note, my birthday is next month. I'm going to be turning 20, it doesnt even feel real tbh. I want to try other art mediums soon too. I might try wood carving??? Sounds super random but I saw someone do it and it seems really cool. You just get a block of wood and sculpt it with a knife. Then you can burn designs into it or paint it. I also want to get more into pixel art, animation, and 3d art. I just need to find a little more patience to teach myself. I've been practicing using blender recently, it's really cool but it's a little hard to find beginner tutorials for what I'm looking for. So I try to follow their steps, but they go a little fast expecting me to already know how to do something. Should I just give in and start with the donut tutorial lol? I probably will, it won't hurt.

Anyways that wraps up my monthly thought dump. This is my first time doing this so it might be monthly from now on. I also currently have about 13 on 15 followers on here. That's not so bad for a month. I have yet to be front paged, but I'll keep practicing and maybe one day it will happen. If you managed to read this whole thing, or maybe you skipped to the end lol, I hope your life is going well !

See ya ☆


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